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Local SEO Strategy – is the best way to increase your website traffic (visitors) for startup companies in Dubai.

Local SEO – is the best way to increase your website traffic (visitors) for startup companies in Dubai.

Local SEO Strategy & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – is an optimization operation for the Search Engine Algorithm in order to enhance and increase website traffic from Search Engines. Search Engines checks content that contains your website pages and sets an index for them. SEO means making your website pages more likely to get a higher rank. Smart Ranking Algorithms, powered by Artificial Intelligence, will check the relevancy of your content and define the list to deliver and for their users the best experience and solve or answer on a required topic. Your rank via Search Engines (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) will depend on key factors like Content quality and relevancy plus keywords. What are Search Engines paying attention to when they define your position in Result Pages?



Local SEO Strategy is an essential part of the strategy for your startup company which operates regionally and it’s a process of optimizing your content on website pages for local businesses to increase your visibility on Search Engines.


As many as 46% of all Google searches are local (Statistic sourced by for 2020)


Here you need to pay attention to SERPs individual specifics in different regions and adapt it for your local customers and their requests and here are short tips on how to achieve your business account for local search:

Blogs, articles, and news around the situation in a certain country, latest updates, events, etc. That’s how you can increase the number of users on your website. Fill your blog with local keywords for a certain territory (you can check it on, but more local names of the places, use cities names and countries, special local slangs and terms to give for your citizens more options to find you. Sort your keywords will Google planner tool: It contains a tool, which will help you to filter the most popular terms for your country.


Write about the latest news and events in your country in your blogs. Help readers to find out your website from education content.

56% of local retailers have not claimed their Google My Business listing (Statistic sourced by for 2021)


Google My Business Account gives you a good opportunity to increase your visibility via Google for a local results page. It will raise your ranking via Google. Your company can be shown up on a sidebar on the first results page or appear in google maps in the required category.

By local SEO strategy you need to provide Google with all required, detailed and updated information, a clickable phone number (hyperlink on which you can click and I will show an option to call from your phone), location, payment methods, and working hours.

Stimulate your customers to write good reviews for your Business in Google, TripAdvisor, Facebook, etc., and encourage them: when you close a deal, ask your customers for a positive review about their experience or send them a call-to-action email. And don’t forget to answer them as soon as possible, solve clients’ complaints and reply to their questions.

93% of customers will read reviews of local businesses to determine their quality. (Sourced by BrightLocal)


Plus, a huge number of good reviews will help your business to rank higher.

Here is the main goal to make your company easier to find for your potential clients. You need not only register your business account in different maps, which is more usable in your country, but you also have to add a map on your website page as a bonus for your address, as far as you will make life easier for your users, better to add an interactive map from google map or other popular maps (like 2gis – 155k downloads from App Store or maps. me- 33k downloads from App Store)

Nowadays user traffic comes more from mobile devices.

50% of mobile search is aimed at local businesses (Sourced by Search Engine Watch).

And mobile phone optimized sites are getting higher ranking in local SERPs pages.

Focus now on local SEO strategy

Smart ranking doesn’t like to put on the top pages, which contain a huge amount of information on different topics. Users would like to see the whole page on the same topic and easily find an answer.

Grow and establish your social media awareness, which can also appear in Results Pages for certain requests. Plus, in Social Network Search Ranking you will appear higher on the results page, mentioning your services, keywords, location name.

Build a strong promotion program that includes paid ads and active and effective Social Media handless and strategy.

  It’s very important to improve your startup company in search engines in your local region to not miss your client, who is searching for a certain type of company in a specific area or looking for local information. In order to deliver more local leads, your business website should contain 2 languages: English and local language for this territory, then your website will be closer to the people, they will trust you easier and engage with your company. It is based on regional and national seeker behaviors, and it will top up your website in the Local Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and it will increase your traffic and engage customers around your location.


    Therefore, when you are using different development tactics to grow your startup company, pay more attention to local Search Engine Optimization, it offers a great opportunity for your business to engage more clients or consumers in your country. Take care about reviews because if affecting your rank in any Search Engine, to be on top of any result page, you have to get more good reviews as much as you can (for example pop-up notification with a request to rate your app or website. Build a good reputation, become known inside your region, which’s super important for a startup company and small businesses with a short budget, and after delivering your company around the world.